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Alcohol Treatments

My son has been to two different alcohol treatments in 6 months and now he needs another one. When will this all end?


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Addiction Intervention

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What kind of effects does alcohol have on the liver? I think my fathers life is in danger because of his drinking and I don't know what to do. Please help us.

Help For Meth Addiction

I need help for meth addiction for my friend. How can I be supportive during this time of need for her?

Marijuana Addiction Recovery

I've been in marijuana addiction recovery for over a year and my question is why do I still have cravings for the drug? I don't want to use but, sometimes it's really hard to stay away from it.

Pain Killer Withdrawal Symptoms

Can pain killer withdrawal symptoms occur over night if you stop taking the pills?

Prescription Drug Addiction Help

Prescription drug addiction help is needed for my mom. How can I get her help now?

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